How to Datalog

Mar 4, 2024by Joel Kumparak

Data Logging

     Data logging allows our calibrators to look over loggable parameters such as boost, ignition timing, air fuel ratio, and much more to ensure that your tune is running properly. You will be asked to perform a data log if you are reporting a issue, getting a remote tune, or are beta testing for us. There are two types of logging, basic and advanced. Basic logging will log anything that is generic and is required by manufacturers to allow any OBDII devices to connect and diagnose a vehicle. Advanced logging in most vehicles will require a Patch to be applied to the tune and will allow us to access any variables the ECU or TCU is using to make decisions and gives us full access to the ECU or TCU. Now that you know the importance of data logging let's learn the steps that need to be performed to give us the info we are looking for and prevent us from having a log that has too much data that doesn't pertain to what we are wanting to be looking at.

*Logging must be performed on a Dynometer or race track/dragstrip*

     The first logging technique we are discussing is a wide open throttle log also known as "WOT". This is the most common log our tuners will ask you for and is most important for making tuning changes and looking for issues that are only noticeable at full throttle. Depending if you car has an automatic transmission or manual transmission will change a few variables on how we suggest you log. For automatic transmissions with a 6 speed transmission, we suggest using 3rd gear to preform your logging whereas if you have a 7 or more speed transmission we suggest using 4th gear to perform your logging and using the dedicated manual mode if your vehicle has the option. For manual cars with 5 or 6 speeds, we suggest 3rd gear and for 7 speeds or higher we suggest 4th gear. We may have different suggestions based on per customer circumstances. For customers with automatic transmissions with a kick down switch or an extra click when you press the accelerator pedal all the way day please make sure not to press all the way down that would cause the button to be pressed. with the car off press the pedal all the way down to the button but not where the button is pressed. This is still 100% throttle and will prevent the car from down shifting. 

1. In the proper gear Accurate to 2000 RPMs.

2. Press start and then go to 100% throttle.

3. Accelerate till your max RPM or until the vehicle upshifts.

4. Pull over safely and stop the logger.

5. Save the log

6. Rename the log with the Tunes version number. e.g. "V1.14"

7. Send us the log


If for some reason you're having a problem with normal driving fallow these instructions instead. 


1. Identify the driving pattern that causes your particular issue and simulate that type of driving to be logged.

2. Press start and then drive in a short amount of time until you can replicate the issue.

3. Pull over safely and stop the logger.

4. Save the log

5. Rename the log with the Tunes version number and issue. e.g. "V1.14 Goes into limp mode"

6. Send us the log