Audi S8 4.0L ECU and TCU Tune Bundle
Audi S8 4.0L ECU and TCU Tune Bundle
Audi S8 4.0L ECU and TCU Tune Bundle

Audi S8 4.0L ECU and TCU Tune Bundle


Audi S8 4.0L ECU and TCU Tune Bundle


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Performance Options:
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  • Free Data Log Reviewing
  • At Home OBD Flashing For Most Cars
  • Remote Custom Tuning Available

The EA825 engine and AL552 Transmission found in the S8 have proven to be an incredible platform that can handle upward of 1000whp while retaining its factory reliability.  We have been able to produce 860WTQ and 730WHP with an upgraded HPFP and E70 and plan to push the platform further with upgraded turbos.

Tune Features


- Vehicle speed limits removed

- Left foot Breaking enabled 

- Refined Acceleration 

- Maximized performance

- Access to 91, 93, and 100 Octanes

- Free Custom tuning for Ethanol Blends on stock or upgraded HPFP

- Custom tuning available for Upgraded HPFPs, Upgraded turbos, Ethanol, and more 

- Boost gauge recalibrated for increased boost

- Auto Start-Stop defaults to off instead of on


- Increased torque limits

- Raised Launch Control RPM

- Increased Line Pressure

- Faster Shifting

Both ECU and TCU Tunes can be flashed at any time, anywhere! Whether you're changing fuels, turning your burbles on or off, or upgrading your tune, you can now flash your car at your own convenience, all you need is a PC running Windows. 

Click here to learn more about our at home flasher. 

 *Stage two tunes are for off-road racing only and are not permitted for road use.*

Intake System

During our tune development, we found that the stock air intake can restrict up to 90 WHP worth of airflow. An upgraded Intake is highly recommended to get the full potential out of the EA825 Engine.

Exhaust System 

Our testing has found that the factory cats are not restrictive for the stock turbochargers and there is no performance gain when installing higher flowing catalytic converters until upgrading to bigger turbos.

High Pressure Fuel Pumps

The Urus uses two Bosch high pressure fuel pumps which can be limiting when running Ethanol and or upgraded turbos. We have partnered up with Spool Performance to develop a full HPFP Replacement kit using Spools FX350 Pumps

Custom Tuning

We offer Custom Tuning! Please send an email to Joel@pmetuning with your current or future build notes and we will be happy to set up an appointment to get your build set up on a base map and get it dyno'd.

Supported years

S8 2020 - 2021